Release Date: 04/07/14
Codice: RRJ1022

The rich, wide-ranging sound produced by Marco Colonna’s reeds makes for an intense counterpoint to the elegant notes of Fabio Sartori’s piano and the bounty of Cristian Calcagnile’s masterful percussion. The trio’s music, clearly identifiable with the strengths of a jazz that possesses both the awareness and the willingness to embrace adventure, explores a natural sequence of alternating moments. Broad, reflective stretches are interspersed with vigorous clusters of notes, as the three players consistently bring to their music an intriguing clarity of form, an unflagging feel for the lyrical and a remarkable gift for collective interplay.

"(In)Obediens is a play on words that signifies deep listening. There, where the creative thrust arises, often in contrast to what lays outwards. That means a disobedience, the refusal of established  and preconstituded models. Improvisation is the way. The opening and ending themes are written, as the parentheses in the title. The rest is a discovery within every instant shared among the musicians. The title track represents this work at its best." Fabio Sartori