Release Date: 01/10/07
Codice: amrn009

It's a real happening, that Esther Lamneck and Eugenio Sanna, who have been working for more than fifteen years close together, finally found the opportunity to show their partnership on record.
The release of their Amirani cd "Intentions" proves thet they are not only two wonderful musicicans, but they even belong to a generation of creative artists, that open doors for new fresh ways of Improvisation_

John Rottiers,
Antwerp, Belgium, August 2007

Intentions is an inprovised cycle of brief pieces creating a narrative journey of evocative sound images and landscapes.
Shapes which at first seem unrelated are interwoven in mysterious and arcane ways in a stream of relentness sounds intertwining hidden metallic, harsh, sharp, romantic, ethereal, sacred and profane connections.
From the Balkan regions the Tárogató sound travels fluidly in a shrill yellowish fog.
Played with a zinc plate, the guitar calls, tumultuosly and loudly, “a gathering of spirits” voices.
Some dogs bark at the sound of the clarinet, magically attracted by frequencies almost beyond the limits of audibility, voluptuosly split and recomposed by the strings in decadent atmospheres and late Romantic unisono